Finland Red, Egypt White

Here’s one of the diptych drawings I showed at the surface elements show at folklife.


Finland Red, Egypt White diptych
Pen and Ink on paper
18″ x 14″ 2015
And big shout out to me meat jelani who purchased the piece, cheers mate.


The Abyssal Yerning


This is a story of ravenous gluttony, desire turned on itself consuming its own body from the inside out transform ones body into a giant mouth driven solely by an unfathomable hunger.

This was originally a study for a larger painting in a series I planed to do, a sort of Dantes inferno/deadly sins thing (put simply ). I’m not coming from a religious point of view, I am interested in obsession, yarning, desire and the like and how it can transform physically and mentally … If that makes any sense.

Your partner in the escalation of entropy.

Art show / good bye and farewell


So, after an unfortunate event, a lot of thought and a series of conversations, I’m going to be quitting “art”
this will be the last time any paintings of mine will be shown with mine own involvement. So come on down and peep…or not, more than likely not. Either way, thanks for all the ‘support’ the past decade. It’s been super, I guess.

With zest your instigator in the escalation of entropy.
– MW

Social media

I don’t blog as much a one “should” a wise man once told me, “never miss an
opertunity to shut up, I mean be fair I’m no T.S Eliot, the kind people what look at this blog come for photos, so here are two places where you can look at the art
My official web site:
Also Instagram user name : wagnerisms

Less talk more art

Yours with zest-

Well then, after a year or so away, I’ve decided to return, I think this is a far superior means of documenting myself, for whom? I don’t know, I don’t believe anyone reads this blog besides spambots, which is more than fine as I like the idea of talking amongst myself on a tiny dark room that people only see by mistake, so I’ll be blogging with increased frequency.